It’s hard for us to imagine a human society without happy people. Therefore, each individual is a unique being and he is the center of our interest and always placed first. The main goal of our work is the well-being of the human person. Our work is focused on strict complience with all predefined agréments. Hence our commitment: customer satisfaction.Honesty, relational transparency and respect for established agreements are the tools we do not give up.

Cork is a very strong ally of the environment.

As such, it is up to us to remedy past mistakes, to preserve it and to continually improve the quality of life today and of those who will come after us.

We assume the duty of privacy of personal or corporate data, which we ensure to keep absolutely confidential and, under no circumstances, will be transmitted to third parties, for whatever reason.


Aware that this is the right course, it is our intention to extend worldwide this environmental friendly wave, with traditional and innovative cork articles of high quality. It will undoubtedly be more pleasant to live in a greener world...

Currently 70% of our products are placed in Europe. However, we want to go much further. We have well motivated human resources, willing to implement this expansion strategy.