Cylindrical stoppers


Among all types of cork stoppers the natural are the noblest ones: 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable. It’s the ideal closure for high quality wines. This kind of cork stopper is highly recommended for to be aged wines, as it ensures the right wine evolution during decades. On the other hand it is also recommended for elegant wines to be drinked and appreciated still young.

Because of its characteristics, a natural cork stopper provides a perfect balance between inside and outside of the bottle, which grants the wine to be aged during its remarkable evolution, and, on the other hand, allows the young wines to preserve their own freshness and elegance.

Micro granulated

These corks are known as new generation corks, entirely made from granulated cork under a specific particle size. They have a great structural stability and are advised for relatively fast consumption wines, although already with some complexity.


Corks designed to bottle wines to be consumed between 2 to 3 years in general, produced with one agglomerated cork body and one disc of natural cork in both tops.

Champagne and Sparkling Wine

These corks are specially designed for sealing champagne, sparkling wines, cider or beer. They are produced with one agglomerated body and two high-quality discs on one of the tops.

Bartops (T-Cork) Stoppers

These closures have the characteristic of having assembled a capsule in one end, which can be plastic made, wood, porcelain, glass, metal or other material. This type of cork is often used in the bottling of liqueurs, some whiskeys … For example; it is widely used in Porto and Jerez. This is a very useful product because it allows easy reuse in the bottle.